A Taste of Flanders and the Great War (2-day tour)

A Taste of Flanders and the Great War… the Corner of a Foreign Field (Two day tour of the Ypres Salient) This is the ideal tour for those who have never visited the battlefields of the Western Front. So let Rifleman Tours whet your appetite with this hugely informative two day guided battlefield tour. Flanders is a region in Belgium; the word Flanders means...

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Ypres: The Martyred City (3-day tour)

Ypres: The Martyred City (Three day battlefield tour) Ypres and the surrounding Salient is full of history and just waiting to be explored. So begin your love affair with this area like so many others by coming on this remarkable three day guided battlefield tour. People have been visiting Ypres in Belgium since the 1920s as a pilgrimage to pay their respects to the...

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From Mons to First Ypres (4-day tour)

From Mons to First Ypres… the Graveyard of the Old Contemptibles (Four day tour of Mons and Ypres Salient)   When the First World War broke out in August 1914 the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) sailed for Europe and gathered its forces at the town of Maubeugesouth of the small town of Mons. It was 80,000 strong and consisted of two corps and one...

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The Eternal Vigil: The creation and work of the CWGC (4-day tour)

The Eternal Vigil: The creation and work of the CWGC (Four day battlefield tour) The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, previously known as Imperial War Graves Commission, was formally established by Royal Charter on the 21 May 1917. Its brief was one of the most ambitious ever undertaken: to commemorate in perpetuity those who had died in the service of the...

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The Somme: Heroism and Horror (3-day tour)

The Somme: Heroism and Horror – including a visit to Vimy Ridge (Three day battlefield tour of the Somme) Travel with Rifleman Tours to the Somme and experience the history of this battle. Hear the stories of the men that took part in what would become known as the worst days in Britain’s military history. The Battle of the Somme is famous for the...

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From the Ypres Salient to the Crucible of the Somme (4-day tour)

From the Ypres Salient to the Crucible of the Somme (Four day battlefield tour of the Somme and Ypres Salient) With this popular tour, visit the two areas of the Western Front that have become synonymous with the First World War – Ypres and Somme. See the sites where battles took place and hear the personal stories of the soldiers who took part. Ypres was...

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