Coronavirus Travel Information

Last Updated 01.08.20

We have taken the difficult decision to cancel all our tours for the remainder of 2020.  Our 2021 tour dates can be found by clicking here.

Last Updated 27.04.20

With the current situation still changing on a regular basis in the UK and across Europe, any battlefield tour departing from now until 31st August 2020  can now be moved to a later date in 2020 or 2021.

Following FCO advice, and anticipating further changes to the current advice, we have reviewed our battlefield tours up to 31st August 2020. We will be working to contact all customers directly with more information and to discuss alternative travel arrangements. If we have been in contact with you already, then dismiss this message as your amended arrangements will have already been confirmed.

Understandably you will have questions regarding your upcoming tour but please be assured that we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. We will be prioritising customers in departure date order and ask for your patience during this time.

The health and safety of our tour passengers is our utmost priority and we would like to thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your patience and STAY SAFE.


Is my Rifleman battlefield tour affected?

Rifleman Tours will be operating its battlefield tours as usual. Should official sources change any information, we will contact all customers affected with a view to making alternative arrangements.

Can I cancel?

You are free to cancel your booking with us at any time before departure. You may also transfer your booking if you wish to do so. Both may incur fees that will depend on how far in advance you make the said cancellation or changes to the tour and varies depending on whether your tour is a scheduled tour or privately constructed.

If we, Rifleman Tours, have to cancel your tour, a full refund will be made. We will of course try to offer you comparable alternative arrangements which you may choose to book in place of those cancelled.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Where can more information be found?

Latest information and advice on travel to specific countries can be found on the government website:

General Advice

All our travellers should follow sensible advice to reduce their risk of exposure to Coronavirus while this outbreak continues. Viruses can be passed from person to person. The best and easiest way to prevent this and help stop the spread of the infection is to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap, then rinse them well under running water. Do avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and always cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue disposing this in a bin and then wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser.

When I am on Tour?

On your tour, please wash your hands often with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.

Rifleman Tours will continue to monitor the situation whilst you are away, and your guide and driver will keep you updated of any changes to your itinerary or travel plans as your tour progresses. Please be aware that there may be enhanced screening/monitoring at some entry and exit ports.

 Upon my Return

Guidance is available for those who have travelled to specific countries and areas affected by Coronavirus in the last 14 days. Please monitor for updates, as the list of affected countries and areas could change.

Please monitor Public Health England and World Health Organisation websites for further information: or call NHS 111 if you experience any symptoms or are concerned.

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