The Best Battlefield History Tours

History dictates everything that we do today. The precedents set in World Wars provide us with context for global relations and the need for peace currently. At Rifleman Tours, we have a wide selection of battlefield history tours that can teach you more about certain battles and wars that interest you.

In this article, we are going to detail two of our upcoming tours in 2017 to entice you.

  • A Taste of Flanders and the Great War: The First World War is remembered for large scale casualties, the trenches and, of course, the haunting poetry. This tour combines visits to the biggest cemeteries, including one of Lt Col John McRae who wrote the infamous poem ‘In Flanders Field’, and Menin Gate in Ypres. These tours are running between the 5-6 August and 14-15 October.
  • Dieppe – ‘Operation Jubilee’ 75th Anniversary Tour: The raid on Dieppe is mostly recognised for its intention as an intelligence gathering raid that would bring the allied forces closer to learning about the German Enigma machine. You will be treated to a four-star beach side hotel and tours of the main beach battlegrounds during ‘Operation Jubilee’.

All our tours provide you with transport from your home to the ferry, the ferry crossing itself, an information pack and lots more to indulge you during your trip.

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