Guided Battlefield Tours

The land across Europe has played host to some of the bloodiest wars in the world. The battlefields that spread over the two World Wars are now a great place to witness and learn about their impact and legacy. At Rifleman Tours, we can provide you with guided battlefield tours that leave from the UK.

Our tours are perfect for a weekend away. Whether you want to learn more about a certain battle, or you want to see first-hand the trenches where the horror of war can be seen fully – we have tours for you.

We will organise the accommodation, transport, any tours and breakfast which will all be included in the price. This ensures you can plan your trip away without worrying about being charged extra. Over the summer, we have a wide range of tours that focus on different battles.

These include; ‘A Taste of Flanders and the Great War’, ‘Battle of Waterloo Campaign Tour’ and ‘Arnhem: Operation Market Garden’. We have many more tours that can accommodate what you want to see and can even provide bespoke tours to suit your preferences.

Our guided battlefield tours are aimed to unearth some of the lesser known facts and bring the reality of war to your consciousness. To discover more about our tours and their itineraries, get in touch with our team today.