Battlefields Of Flanders Tour 2019

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row on row.” John McRae’s infamous poem about Flanders, World War One and its aftermath have been quoted, uttered and mentioned in many texts and historic articles. The significance of the poppy and its association with the Great War all stems from Flanders, but there was also something else that grew on that post-war land.

At Rifleman Tours we have curated and hosted battlefield tours on the fields of Flanders for a number of years to tell the story of the battles that occurred there and the subsequent growth of poppies and hops. Beer become and still is an important part of the Flanders region and the nearby town of Ypres. The main ingredient in beer has been growing here in abundance since World War One and can be tasted in beer throughout the region.

Beers and Battlefields of Flanders Tour

We host this popular tour which spans over four days to help people to understand how the context of war and the battles that ensued have shaped this area in Belgium. The creation of beer has become a major export for the whole country and you can taste and try some of the local variants which have spawned from the battlefields of Flanders.

Whether you have never been before, or you would like to discover more about Flanders and Ypres, this could be the ideal tour for you.

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