The Perfect Gift

Battlefield ToursIt’s that time of the year again where you struggle to think of that perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything? Let us help!

We have a wide choice of two, three, four and five day WW1 and WW2 battlefield tours. We even have gift vouchers that can contribute to a battlefield tour.

We can arrange a personal visit to a particular cemetery or memorial to remember a family relative.

Maybe someone you know has always wanted to witness, or take part in, The Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ypres or are they partial to a Belgian beer because we offer a fantastic Beers and Battlefields of Flanders Tour.

Have they seen the 2017 epic action movie Dunkirk and would like to see where it all happened?  For more details of our three day battlefield tour of Dunkirk click here.

WW2 Battlefield ToursRifleman will take you on a battlefield tour not only covering the evacuation beaches but the evacuation corridor. Starting at Les Paradis where the SS massacred the soldiers of the Norfolk regiment that had defended the town.

We then look at some of the stops that were put in place by Lord Gort to slow the German advance up and allow the BEF to withdraw to Dunkirk. These are the towns of St Venant, Cassell and Wormhout. The last being extremely poignant as here another atrocity was committed by the SS.

Finally we tour the beaches from just over the Belgium border at Le Panne (De Panne) down to the port of Dunkirk where we walk out on the Eastern Mole and visit Bastion 32. This is an ideal tour for those who have a parent or relative who made it home to Blighty in those early stages of World War Two.

WW2 Battlefield ToursIs Saving Private Ryan their favourite war movie with the indelible opening scenes? Visit the stunning American Cemetery featured in the film overlooking Omaha Beach. For more details of our four day Normandy battlefield tour click here.

This is a hugely popular battlefield tour and gains more interest every year, especially when Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers is re-run on the television. We would expect a great deal of interest in this tour once the new up and coming film about the capture of Pegasus Bridge hits our screens next year.

WW2 Battlefield ToursThe tour covers the British and American sectors looking at the five landing beaches and airborne drop zones. Much of the tour can be recognised if you are a lover of the above movies as The Longest Day was filmed on several of the original battle sites and will be familiar with you. For those of you who love the award winning series Band of Brothers then a visit to the Richard Winters and Easy Company Memorials and battle sites is a must and a highlight for any fans of the series.

Perhaps the old star studded classic like A Bridge Too Far is one of your favourites?  Our four day Arnhem tour follows the events of Operation Market Garden touring from Joe’s Bridge along Hell’s Highway to Arnhem. At Arnhem we look at the landing sites, the attempted marches to reach the bridge that was help to the last by elements of 2 Para. We also look at the pocket known as the Cauldron which was defended until those left of 1st Airborne slipped across the lower Rhine. This is a great tour that really brings home just how bloody and ill conceived this operation was. The full Arnhem battlefield tour can be found by clicking here.WW2 Battlefield Tours

We also have a great selection of small group battlefield tours to choose from and don’t forget if you want a private battlefield tour constructed to your own itinerary, that’s no problem at all and it could work out a lot less than you imagine it will be.

Please call 01908 617264 if you would like to talk to us for more ideas. For full details of all of our battlefield tours click here.

Lest we forget.