Normandy D-Day Tours

Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. The five assault beaches of the D-Day landings are remembered for their part in the operation upon Nazi-occupied regions of Europe. The huge offensive was integral to the Second World War’s end. At Rifleman Tours, we provide enlightening Normandy D-Day tours to showcase the nature of the invasion.

D-Day is often remembered as the beginning of the end of the Second World War, the final offensive to defeat the occupied regions of Europe. The Normandy landings began Operation ‘Overlord’ and were a pre-cursor to the Allied forces being victorious.

The victory, however, was shrouded in death. At Omaha beach, over 4000 people were injured or killed, and one of the first wave of American units that landed there lost 90% of its troops. To truly believe some of the stories that came out of the D-Day landings and their significance, you’ll need a truly exceptional tour guide.

At Rifleman Tours, we pride our work on giving you the most informative and detailed facts about the landings. Our Normandy tours come with a guide and tour manager, central accommodation with a continental breakfast as well as entrance to all museums and places of interest; all included in the price.

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