Find Out About Our World War 2 Group Tours

Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster film, Dunkirk, highlights the bravery, disorganisation and the horror of the Battle of Dunkirk. At Rifleman Tours, we provide a wide range of World War Two group tours such as ‘Operation Dynamo’ which occurred on the French beach.

It’s impossible to comprehend the blood loss, the sound of the German bombers and the ominous boat trip to the sandy beaches of Dunkerque, France. Our team here at Rifleman Tours will try to provide you with the most comprehensive depiction of the battles that raged on the beach during the Second World War.

Group tours are a great way to combine what you have seen in the cinema with the visualisation of what it must have been like for the heroes during the battle. The famous retreat of Dunkirk is remembered for the miracle nine days, where over 300,000 British Forces were evacuated from Dunkirk in retreat from the German forces.

Our trip to Dunkirk consists of a ferry crossing to our hotel in Ypres. From there, the Last Post ceremony can be taken in before the exploration of the beaches along Dunkirk. Wrecks still remain from the Second World War battle that occurred. You can unearth the untold stories of the battle and the implications of it with our tours.

To book your place on our Dunkirk tour or to find out about our other World War Two group tours, get in touch with us.