Find Out More About Our 2018 Battlefield Tours

Taking a walk down memory lane is one of life’s little pleasures. Moving through your life in your head towards the present day. You’ll remember things you’d forgotten and discover things in a new light. However, memory lane doesn’t have to be confined just to your own generation, nor the one before that. To engross yourself in a part of history and take a walk through the memory battlefields of the 20th century, choose Rifleman Tours.

We have a vast array of 2018 battlefield tours that can enlighten and teach you about the wars that occurred in the lifetimes before. They will tell the stories of the deaths, the heroism, the life in war and what it all means today. Our experienced tour guides will ensure that wherever you choose to have one of our battlefield tours, you’ll come away with new information brimming from your brain.

Included in all our 2018 battlefield tours is a return ferry crossing from the UK, minibus pickup from your location, accommodation in a central location and guided tours. We have everything from the Battle of the Somme to Beer Tours in Flanders.

Whatever you choose, we’re certain you’ll learn a great deal from our 2018 battlefield tours.

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