Discover Our Battle Of The Somme Tours

We’ve all seen pictures of the Somme, read poems from the trenches and divulged in the annual remembrance parades and silences. What doesn’t quite strike us through these moments is the actual battle that raged on for 141 days, and how damaging the losses were to both sides. To provide you with all the information, facts and stories that occurred, you need to choose our Battle of the Somme tour.

At Rifleman Tours we’ve become an important tool for groups, couples and individuals who want to discover more about the devastating battle that happened on French soil. It was a battle that saw Adolf Hitler, Wilfred Owen and JRR Tolkien take part and one in which one million people were casualties – our tour helps to provide context to these shocking facts.

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Our Battle of the Somme tours at Rifleman Tours are perfectly placed to give you the chance of a lifetime – to see where one of the bloodiest battles raged on in World War One. Our tours, however, are not merely suited to the Somme, but to make sure you have a comfortable stay. Minibus travel, accommodation and battlefield tours are all included in the price.

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