Discover More About Our Advance To Victory Tour

Hindsight is a truly wonderful thing. We can now look back, track and outline every last detail of the final 100 days of the First World War. In 1918 it was merely just another day on the calendar towards the likelihood of death or the chance of seeing something horrific on the battlefield. To chart the progress of the Allied Forces and their iconic Advance to Victory, we’ve created a commemorative tour of the 100-day offensive.

Our Advance to Victory tour at Rifleman Tours will offer you everything from your accommodation, battlefield visits with a tour guide and entrance to all museums included on the trip. This all-encompassing battlefield tour will offer you a glimpse and detailed insight into the offensive, the signing of the Armistice and the fallout that followed.

Choose Rifleman Tours for our exceptional Advance to Victory tour to discover more about the tactics, the end of the war and the remembrance that followed. It’s 100 years since the end of the First World War and that makes it the ideal time to visit some of the Great War’s most amazing monuments and find out more about the unbelievable stories of bravery and heroism.

If you’d like to book yourself or your group on one of our Advance to Victory tours, get in contact with us today.