Book Exciting European Battlefield Tours

A glance at the history of Europe will often provide you with more questions than answers. The World Wars, the diplomatic crises and the vast array of tensions that existed across the whole of the continent, it’s a hotbed of history. If you want to get the answers to your questions, then our European battlefield tours could be perfect.

At Rifleman Tours we provide comprehensive tours to some of the most popular battlefields in Europe that span across multiple wars, battles and scenarios. These are great to open your eyes to the true battles that happened and see first-hand where flashpoints of war occurred. We believe our European battlefield tours will offer you everything you need for a comfortable and enlightening experience.

We’ll include everything you need: Accommodation, travel, the tours and, of course, up to date information on the local area. Whether you plump for one of our Battle of the Somme, Battle of Waterloo, Ypres, Dunkirk or Arnhem European battlefield tours, we’re certain you’ll find something that could be ideal for you.

Our team at Rifleman Tours work with individuals who want to learn more, couples who want to explore a new place and groups that can discover the battlefields together with us.

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