Welcome to the Rifleman Tours Blog

Hi and welcome to the Rifleman Tours blog.  The plan is to keep you updated with World War One and Two news and also stories and findings from our battlefield tours.

YpresThe coming year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the Great War later to become known as the First World War and thus proving that it was never ‘The War to End all Wars’.  Twenty five years later another conflict began grabbing the title World War Two.  However, was this war just the continuation of the first as some historians believe?

Rifleman Tours marks the Centenary Anniversary of the Great War with two special commemorative tours.  They are From Mons to First Ypres… the Graveyard of the Old Contemptibles and First Ypres; the Centenary Tour.

As 2014 also commemorates the 70th anniversaries of two momentous events of World War Two.  They are the D-Day Landings and Arnhem – Operation Market Garden.  Again Rifleman Tours marks these anniversaries with two very special tours that take place on the actual anniversaries and join in the commemorative events in each region.

As well as the above special trips we will be running our usual scheduled tours including a new World War One tour A Corner of a Foreign Field… a Taste of Flanders.  This short tour is ideal for the first time battlefield pilgrim and will leave you wanting a taste of more.[/box]