Battlefield Group Tours Organised For You

Organising a group tour is always a difficult moment. Whether you have a group chat on WhatsApp trying to sort out the money, the timings and the availability or you have a weekly discussion over a drink about what you want to do next, having everything sorted out for you is much better. At Rifleman Tours we have become a leading provider of battlefield group tours that will solve every little aspect and allow you to look forward to the guided tours, museum entries and central accommodation that are included in all our tours.

As standard with all of our battlefield group tour packages, you can find a tour that suits your group of friends to ensure you get the most out of it. Our professional group tours combine the ease of booking a tour with the exploration of a unique area of the world: the world of Europe’s battlefields.

What battlefield group tours are available at Rifleman Tours?

Our vast and varied group tours are perfect for every sort of individual. Whether you have a base knowledge of the two World Wars and want to know more or you are a seasoned explorer of the battlefields, there is something for everyone. Visit Arnhem, Ypres, Flanders, Dunkirk and much more in our battlefield group tours.

To discover more about our work at Rifleman Tours and how easy it can be, speak with us today.