Battle Of The Somme Tours Organised For You

Remembered and regarded as one of the most pivotal battles of the whole First World War, the Battle of the Somme was not merely a fight between the two sides, it was a bloody and drawn-out conflict that severely damaged both forces. Fought on The Somme, the battle is encapsulated by the horror of the trenches and the endless days spent in anticipation of death.

Fortunately, we can now visit the Somme without rations, dirty water, rats, and the constant threat of gunfire. It has now become a place where those interested in the First World War can come to pay their respects, learn more about the stories and witness second hand the horror of the Battle of The Somme. At Rifleman Tours we have been curating and hosting Battle of the Somme tours for a number of years for individuals, couples, groups, schools and more who want to experience this jaw-dropping and unforgettable battle of World War One.

What’s included in our Battle of the Somme tours?

Our job is to create tours which will interest experts as well as those with little knowledge of WW1 together. These tours, therefore, will include visits to the trenches, museums, graveyards and important points of interest, all the while retaining the ease of a tour package.

If you would like to join our 2019 Battle of the Somme tour, please enquire with us today.