A Battlefield Tour

Many of us visit the continent for summer breaks and drive through the beautiful French and Belgium countryside. Occasionally we pass small Commonwealth cemeteries with their headstones standing proud in an area that would appear to look like a typical English country garden. It’s then that we remember the ‘Great War’ and stop to take a look or add it to our bucket list and promise ourselves to return. However despite this promise we seldom return because of the research and logistics that would have to go into such a trip. However, Rifleman Tours can help you keep that promise you made to yourself.

Let us take you on a battlefield tour of France and Belgium looking at the many battles that took place here, Somme and Passchendaele to name but two and remembering the fallen. Walk in the footsteps of the brave men who fought for our freedom and liberty and made the ultimate sacrifice.

We have a range of battlefield tours to suit your needs and interest. Coach or minibus travel is provided as well as return ferry crossing and centrally located 3 star hotel accommodation. You will be accompanied by a specialist guide who will explain the battles in detail after all, without a guide, many battlefields are nothing more than a field.

Rifleman Tours has a full range of tours available so pick one and let us help you fulfil that long forgotten promise to yourself of a trip to the battlefields of the Great War.