From The Ypres Salient To The Crucible Of The Somme

History lessons in school are the first experience we have of war. The nature of loss, courage and bravery comes thick and fast after visits to Ypres or viewings of films in class. However, there is so much more to discover about the World Wars that occurred on mainland Europe.

At Rifleman Tours, we’re passionate about our ability to work with you to unearth the things that you’re yet to discover about the wars. Our From the Ypres Salient to the Crucible of the Somme is one of our most popular battlefield tours and allows you a glimpse into two of the most fought over and visited areas of the Western Front. With our team at Rifleman Tours, you won’t have to worry about accommodation, transport or securing tour guides; we provide all of that for you. We will draw up an itinerary of the trip that will last for around a couple of days that is perfect for you to learn about every nook and cranny of the battles.

The battlefields across Belgium and France are visited by school trips, individuals and groups from all over the world. Our trips aim to give you an in-depth tour of the area, the context with which war was set in and how life was lived during that time.

To find out more about our exceptional Battle of Passchendaele tour from our team at Rifleman Tours, speak to our team today.