Why Come With Us On Our Battlefield Group Tours

The battlefields of Northern Europe have become a trap for historians, archaeologists and those interested in the two World Wars in the past fifty years. They are a great place to understand the true meaning of the numbers, figures and statistics that we read and hear about from a young age. To make sure you make the most of the possibilities, our team at Rifleman Tours are able to provide you with battlefield group tours for you and your friends or your family.

A story about any of the World Wars will provide you with a smidgen of information about a battle, a moment or a particular timeline of events. However, it will rarely drop deeper to provide you with the context of the time and the aftermath of that area. Our aim at Rifleman Tours is to offer you everything that your group needs to understand, explore, discover and enjoy your time in the area.

Why choose our battlefield group tours at Rifleman Tours?

We aim to make the whole experience from start to finish an easy and enlightening one. By choosing one of our group tours, or designing one of your own with our help, you can uncover the secrets of the battlefield and make the most of your getaway to continental Europe.

To discuss your options and to understand our passion for providing battlefield group tours at Rifleman Tours, get in contact with us.