Where To Find A Dunkirk Battlefield Tour

Recognised as one of the most pivotal battles in the Second World War, Dunkirk has always provided intrigue, mystery and an array of unbelievable stories. Stories of survival, heroism and escape that will be kept and shared forever. At Rifleman Tours we want to show off this astounding operation, called Operation Dynamo, through our Dunkirk battlefield tour.

You will learn and understand more about the scenarios that were presented to Allied troops in Dunkirk and how the so-called Miracle of Dunkirk was penned. The amount of information on Dunkirk and the research that went into the film have brought to light many things that cannot be described. We feel that seeing and witnessing the areas where these poignant and heroic stories took place is a great tool for discovering more about it.

Why choose us for our Dunkirk battlefield tour?

We have been providing battlefield tours for both World War One and Two for a number of years, for a vast array of people. From group tours and individual packages through to couples and families, we understand how to help you get the best out of the tours.

Our Dunkirk battlefield tour last four days and will give you ample chance for free time alongside our tours and museum visits. To discover more about the tour and how much it will cost you, get in contact with us today.