Guided Military Tours

Most people have a wide but brief knowledge of the two World Wars that occurred in Europe from history lessons at school or from a Wikipedia scour. At Rifleman Tours, we can explain the history and facts from these wars with our guided military tours.

The battlefields across Belgium and France are prime territory for school trips and excursions to learn more about the Great War or the Second World War. There is so much information to divulge and so many statistics, that the power of it can become diluted.

Our guided battlefield tours will allow you to place the facts in a real scenario. Talking and reading about the state of the trenches for allied and enemy soldiers is haunting, but seeing them still standing evokes an even deeper image.

Over the course of the year, we run many tours to different battlefields across Europe. Included in the tour price, you will receive town centre accommodation, guided tours, breakfast and ferry crossings.

At Rifleman Tours, we can offer you and your group a wide range of tours. From ‘The Battle of Messines: 100th Anniversary tour’ to ‘Dieppe: Operation Jubilee 75th Anniversary tour’, you can be sure of finding the right tour for you.

To discover more about each individual tour, download our brochure. If you’d like to ask one of our team a question or discuss a personalised tour, get in touch today.