Discover Our Professional British History Tours

British soldiers fought their way across a large section of mainland Europe in the last century. Their duty was to protect Great Britain from a wide variety of enemies in many different locations. At Rifleman Tours we understand the importance of these battles, wars and the impact they had on our current outlook and the future we’re currently living in.

Our British history tours will help you to get second-hand experience of the two World Wars in the previous century, the conditions for those that fought and what life was like for everyone else. British history can be explored with ease during one of our exceptional tours of mainland Europe.

Whether you’re an admirer of a certain battle or moment in the World Wars or you want to learn more about an area of them that you aren’t informed about, our tours are ideal. At Rifleman Tours we have a wide range of British history tours that will give you the most accurate information, the best accommodation in the most appropriate locations as well as transport to the area. This and more is all included in every one of our tours that are ideal for children and adults alike.

If you’d like to create your very own bespoke British history tour, we can accommodate to that too. Speak to our team to find out more.