Create Your Own Bespoke Battlefield Tours

Battlefields have a combination of eeriness, intrigue and history written into them. The mud, the trenches, the graveyards; there is so many details to every war that occurred on European soil. At Rifleman Tours, we aim to provide you with the best bespoke battlefield tours and allow you to learn about the history that surrounds the key locations and battles.

Our bespoke battlefield tours will be designed around your interests and what you want to find out. Perhaps you want to look for a relative’s grave in France or Belgium, or maybe you’re interested in discovering more about a specific battlefield scene. With any request you have, our team will draw up a quote for the price of the trip so you can plan ahead.

Included in all our bespoke battlefield tours will be your accommodation, transport to the continent and tours. These three pillars combine to provide you with a solid weekend of unearthing new information, enlightening your senses to the true extent of the World Wars and seeing what life is like decades on from the battles.

With Rifleman Tours, everything you need for a weekend or short break centred around battlefields and their importance is at your disposal.

Get in contact with us today to discover how easy it can be to organise an unforgettable trip with us.