Choose Us For Our D-Day Battlefield Tours

June 1944. The days of waiting patiently for the signal. The moments of reflection of what the next task was going to be. On the sixth of that month, the Normandy Landings and the so-called D-Day began. Attacks along the coast of Normandy were set to break boundaries and, indeed, it was the largest ever seaborne invasion in history. That would be, however, ignoring the huge implications of this attack – the people that had to trudge towards incoming fire.

At Rifleman Tours we have made it our mission to bring these stories and tales into your view. To demonstrate this in the best way we want to take you to the place where the D-Day Landings occurred and show you how the attacks were formed and where the battle was ultimately, though bloodily, won.

The D-Day battlefield tour from Rifleman Tours and what it includes:

  • Accommodation in a central location, designed for ease of exploring and close to the points of interest.
  • Guided tours on the beaches to describe what happened in the attacks.
  • Return travel from a designated point
  • Ferry crossings
  • Entrances to museums
  • Packed lunches on specified days

We have a duty to explore and understand World War Two and believe that our D-Day battlefield tour is the ideal place to begin.

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