Battlefield Tours In 2019

As we get further and further away from the First and Second World Wars we are reminded of their poignancy, importance and how far those bloody days are from the world we live in. It can be easy to ignore it but to discover and remember the true horrors of those days in the 20th century can provide context and meaning to your life.

Our battlefield tours in 2019 are ideally placed to help you unearth something new and something that you will treasure forever. At Rifleman Tours we have been offering tours for number of years touching on places of interest right across Europe. From Ypres and the Battle of the Somme through to Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo, we take small groups across and include everything in the price.

What is included when you choose our battlefield tours at Rifleman Tours?

We make it our goal to make the tours as affordable as possible for everyone that wants to choose our battlefield tours. To ensure that it is also as easy for you to organise, we do all of that for you. Included in the battlefield tour from Rifleman Tours will be minibus travel, return ferry crossing, guided tours, museum passes and central accommodation.

If you would like to find out which tours could be ideal for you and which tours pique our interest, take a look at them today. To discuss your options, get in contact with us.