Battlefield Group Tours

The battlefields across Europe provide a reminder of quite what it has taken for collective freedom to exist. They represent a darker time in history, with the finest acts of bravery included. At Rifleman Tours, we compile and host battlefield group tours to enlighten you about a variety of battles and wars.

Our first job is to source the best method of getting people across the United Kingdom to battlefields in France and Belgium. Included in the bundled price you will receive a return ferry crossing and executive minibus or coach travel. Where ever you are based, you can discover more with our guided tours.

Here’s three battlefield group tours upcoming to book:

  • Battle of Waterloo Campaign Tour: The stories of both Napoleon and The Duke of Wellington feature to mark the most iconic battle to take place in Western Europe.
  • Arnhem – ‘Operation Market Garden’ Tour: This airborne tour is packed full of drop zones for parachuting allied forces entering the Netherlands to close in on German resistance.
  • Ypres: The Immortal Salient: The must-see town of Ypres will do more than simply shock and awe. Trenches, poetry and vast military graveyards in abundance.

Not only are these tours vitally important to the progression of current Western politics, but provide a reminder of quite what the price of freedom has been. To find out more about our tours, get in touch with us.