Battle Of The Somme Tours

The Somme represents in one word what many of use associate with World War One. It’s where some of the most famous poetry was written, where the highest number of casualties were recorded on that first day and where a battle raged on for 141 days. It is almost impossible to consider something lasting 141 days in the modern world, especially a deathly standstill in mud and trenches.

To gain an understanding of the sacrifices that had to be made by those involved in the Battle of the Somme, you will need to hear the stories. Our Battle of the Somme tours are a great way to uncover historical information and see first-hand the locations where 420,000 people lost their lives on both sides.

What will happen on a Battle of The Somme tour at Rifleman Tours?

Named The Somme: Heroism and Horror, our tour for 2019 is ideally suited to couples and groups looking to find out more about the infamous battle. We will provide you with the background knowledge through tours and visits to places of interest. All of this will be offered during the three-day tour where we will also see Vimy Ridge and Etaples.

We believe the finest way to pay homage to the bloodiest day in British Army history and to the countless other casualties across the 141-day battle is to keep informing people about the Battle of The Somme.

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