Transcript of Battlefield Tour Testimonials from customers of Rifleman Tours

Battlefield Tour Customer – George Lowe:

Hello, my name is George Lowe, I’m from South London. I’ve been using Rifleman Tours now for coming up to seven years. The reason I use Rifleman Tours is because it is one of the smaller companies. You seem to get that personal touch, they remember your name. Hopefully I’ll be using them for the next seven years. I strongly recommend them to anybody, give them a try.

Battlefield Tour Customer – Lane McComie:

Good evening my name is Lane McComie from Redhill in Surrey. I’ve been using Rifleman Tours for the last two or three years and I’ve always found them to be extremely friendly with a strong personal touch. And it is not like big companies, everybody is more or less like a member of a family and to meet people that they know through them has been a great joy and will continue to be a joy for a long time to come.

Battlefield Tour Customer – Jennifer Stubbs:

Hello, I’m Jennifer Stubbs from St Albans and I’ve just finished my, nearly finished my, third tour with Rifleman Tours for the Armistice at Ypres. I can honestly recommend this company to anybody, particularly if you are travelling on your own. It’s a small, friendly group of people and everybody is very helpful, very knowledgeable and it’s thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable. And everything is booked for you and arranged, you don’t have to worry about anything at all and I shall be going again next year. I can thoroughly recommend it.