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Tony Eden of Rifleman Tours has written a number of published battlefield articles on World War 1 and 2 and Waterloo.

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Waterloo Battlefield Tour

WW1 Battlefield Tour

WW2 Battlefield Tour

WW2 Battlefield Tour


Tony has also helped authors research books and write articles.  Most recently The British Shell Shortage of the First World War by Phillip Harding.

Author Phillip Harding mentioned Tony in his Acknowledgements in the book:

WW1 Battlefield ToursWithout the assistance of Tony Eden of Rifleman Tours I would never have found the battlefields. He has a wonderful ability of looking at a modern landscape and pointing out exactly where the trenches, emplacements, etc., were.  He is a real mine of information and a man I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wishes to view the Flanders battlefields.




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