Discover Our Normandy Battlefield Tours

Normandy, France, is one of the first places people will recount from history lessons. D-Day. The boats approaching the shore. German machine guns bearing down on those who embarked on land. This unbelievable and astoundingly brave operation has become the inspiration for plenty of movies and TV series over the years.

At Rifleman Tours we’ve devised a guided tour that will help you to understand the real-life consequences, the true horror of Normandy, and what that has meant for the town in France. Our Normandy battlefield tours are the ideal way to understand the facts and gain insight into the stories that were created through the D-Day landings.

Here are three things included in our Normandy battlefield tours to make it a great trip:

  • Travel: Leaving from the UK, we offer minibus travel from your destination. We’ll then go straight to Dover and get the return ferry over to Normandy. This is all included in the price of our Normandy battlefield tour.
  • Guided tours: Our battlefield tours are based on the historical facts. By seeing the actual locations you’ll be able to place the facts and dissipate the myths.
  • Central accommodation: You’ll be comfortable each day of your stay with our central accommodation and continental breakfast every morning.

If you’d like to find out more about our Normandy battlefield tours, get in contact with us today.